Google Assistant Voice Skill Setup Instructions

To pair your Mangotek smart device with Google Home & Assistant, you must firstly set up your smart devices within the Mangotek Smart app. Your smart device should be set up with you account, and will be visible within the Home Screen of the Mangotek Smart app. Once your smart devices have been set up, follow the below steps to link your Mangotek smart device with Google Home & Assistant. 
  1. Download and install the Google Home app from the App Store or Google Play Store, and open the Google Home application on your smart phone or device. 
  2. Select the + (Add) icon. Create a new home.
  3. Tap Works with Google.
  4. Tap the icon on the top right of your screen, and search for Mangotek Home. Select Mangotek Home by tapping on it. 
  5. Select your country, then enter the same email and password that you are using with your Mangotek Smart app, then tap Log In. 
  6. You will be prompted to select which smart home devices you would like to add to Google Home. Select the Mangotek smart devices you would like to be added, then select Add to a Room. 
  7. Select or create a new room you would like your smart device to be added into, then tap Next to complete the set up process. 
  8. After tapping Next, your smart device is now ready to be used with Google Home or any Google Assistant-enabled device. 

If you have already linked your Mangotek Home with Google Home, and would like to add additional Mangotek smart devices, there is no requirement to follow the steps above. Google Home should automatically discover any new compatible devices you add in the Mangotek Smart app. 

Once you have successfully linked your Mangotek Smart device with Google Home/Assistant, you can give voice commands for your smart device. You can begin a command by saying either 'Hey Google' or 'OK Google', then completing the sentence with a request. Please see the below for some examples on what voice commands you can give to the Google Assistant. 

                       Control devices with Google Home speaker

1. Make sure the device name is English, and don’t use special characters, abnormal characters

Right names like lamp, switch, my switch...

2. Control devices with Google Home speaker

For example:Hey Google,Turn on light.

Voice Order instrucions:
"Hey Google" is used to wake up Google Home speaker. "OK Google" can also activate it. When you Speak to it, you will see a colorful array of lights on the top of Google Home speaker.

3. Other voice orders for reference;

Google Home supports other common voice orders, such as:
Hey Google,turn on all of the lights.
Hey Google,turn off all of the lights.
Hey Google,set light to 50%.
Hey Google,turn off the bedroom light.